Class Information

We offer several glass classes, and at present have three options available. There is a beginning paperweight class, which is a one day, two and a half hour to three hour class, in which you will learn all of the basics of working with hot glass, and will be making solid hot glass paperweights. There is also a beginning glassblowing class, which is also a one day, two and half hour to three hour class, in which you will learn the basics of working with a bubble and the beginnings of making blown vessels. These classes are each $250, and scheduling is flexible, however if you have never worked with hot glass before, we do recommend that you start with the beginning paperweight class.

The third option, which is the best overall value, is a combined intro to glassblowing seminar. This class is taught over three days, (again scheduling is very flexible) with two and a half to three hours per day. In this course option, you will get an introduction to hot glass and get the opportunity to make both paperweights (solid glass), and blown vessels. This class gives you the best of both worlds and an opportunity to spend more time exploring the art of hot glass. This course is $700.

Regardless of the class option that you chose, you will have an end product to take home, once your piece has annealed (cooled down) properly. Glassblowing is an incredible art form, and we have many instructors here that would be more than happy to share their love of hot glass with you. If you have any additional questions, or would like to call to schedule a course, please donʼt hesitate to contact us.

Gift certificates for lessons as well as blow-your-own experiences are available in our online store.