Ann Klem: Reshaped Glass


On display at Flame Run through November, 2020.


Reshaped glass, that is.  Just start with a sheet or a block of glass and have a very clear design in mind.

Fire the sheet of glass in your kiln a number of times, first to lay down color, then to do your best at getting to that very clear design.  In this case, fold, fold again until close to that design.  There's no such thing as complete control here.

With the block of glass, you are half way there to start.  You've assembled/created the block to begin with.  Then get out the big tools and remove portions you do not need.  Next step, grind to get that shape in your very clear design.  More grinding, then polishing.  Here we have a bit more control, but unplanned changes do happen along the way.  

Either way, the finished creation is a significant reshape of the glass you started with.  Enjoy!

-Ann Klem